A language learning tool for construction workers.

The Process

B-Simple is a language learning tool for construction workers with a lack of German-speaking skills. It enables them to learn the German language in a carefree way while working. This increases motivation and the learning process is facilitated by the gamification factor.

AR safety glasses

The Augmented Reality goggles recognize the objects from the first-person perspective using an HD camera. It also has an OLED-See-Thru display and Open Ear speakers, which are integrated in the glasses temples.

Learning application

The learning app consists of a repetition exercise, which allows the construction worker to practice the objects of the entire day. In addition, it contains normal language exercises from daily life, a scan function and a translation function.

Spectacle case

The spectacle case has an integrated powerbank and an induction charging station. The construction worker can also use this to charge the glasses on the construction site so that the glasses can be used all through the day.


The camera of the glasses recognizes the objects which are stored in a cloud. The app then accesses these objects and creates daily repetition exercises for the construction worker. Since object recognition requires constant internet access, the safety glasses have to be connected to the smartphone to be able to view the objects on the OLED-See-Through display of the safety glasses. The recognized objects can then be played using the open ear speakers with an audio output.


Semester : 6
Subject : User Experience
Team : Irma Ujkanovic, Vanessa Hartl & Maneewan Chokprathum
Skills : User Research, Testing, Concept, Prototype
Technology : JavaScript (Feature Extractor ML5), Adobe XD, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator