An automatic cutting machine for wires with integrated payment system (NFC).

The Process

The task was to develop a product that would improve the existing one. The product should fix a problem or facilitate the use of a device.

Therefore, our team developed a machine that automatically cuts wires to the desired length. First, you have to put your registered card with the NFC tag on the integrated NFC reader on the machine. Then the account balance is shown on the display. Thereafter, length can be determined on the potentiometer attached to the front of the machine. By pressing the respective push button, the desired wire is then cut in the specified length, which is measured with the stepper motor. The cutting mechanism works with a servo motor, which pressed on the cutting knife. Then the wires are ejected at the front and the sum is deducted automatically.

This principle of the cutting machine is scalable and could be implemented for a hardware store, for instance.


Semester : 3
Subject : Prototyping
Team : Irma Ujkanovic, Vanessa Hartl, Julia Heizinger & Maneewan Chokprathum
Skills : Prototype, Arduino(C,C++)
Technology : Arduino MEGA, LCD Display, stepper motor, servo motor,
potentiometer, NCF Tag & Reader, LEDs, buttons, drivers