A video game created with a hologram that allows you to play the game
from four different perspectives.

The Process

The project consisted of programming a video game about gravity using Box2D and JavaScript.

Based on Greek mythology, the game is about Icarus' fall from the sun to earth. He encounters various obstacles along the way. The first level is dedicated to the flying meteorites. The second is the glowing islands and the last level is the clouds. On the way down, power-ups can be collected to protect against the obstacles. As soon as you hit an obstacle, you have to start the game all over again. The goal is to bring Icarus safely to earth.

We also built a controller to match the hologram, called a Mackey Mackey, which is basically a keyboard.



Semester : 2
Subject : Basics in medical space
Team : Tobias Haag, Jaqueline Lechner, Moritz Kuhn & Maneewan Chokprathum
Skills : Prototype, JavaScript
Technology : hologram (acrylic glass), mackey mackey (keyboard)