The insight project therefore deals with the negative effects of social media and
addresses the conscious consumption of social media.

The Process

The project "insight“ deals with the topic of social media. We mainly deal with the negative effects that can occur as a result of heavy social media consumption. Our concept is about raising awareness, pointing out alternatives and ultimately encouraging users to change their behaviour on social networks.

In this part of our development, we will focus on the communication strategy of our product and how we promote insight to the public. Our message of creating a balance between the digital and analogue worlds is also reflected in our measures. Modern technologies and media are combined with posters or exhibition stands.

In order to understand our concept and procedure, we have presented all elements and branches in a general overview. The process map shows all steps and decisions within our process that the user can go through and additionally clarifies all necessary steps that have to be gone through in order to achieve our mission.



Semester : 2
Subject : Communication Strategy
Team : Michelle Bauch, Mona Freudenberger, Xinyi Wang & Maneewan Chokprathum
Skills : User Research, Communication Strategy, Marketing Strategy,
Concept, Management, Testing