The multidimensional product portfolio supports a conscious handling of unconscious bias.
In the process, the areas of education, sensitization and self-reflection are taught.

The Process

Everyone has biases, and that is perfectly normal. It only becomes difficult when the bias harms other people and leads to discrimination. Individuality and self-efficacy are key aspects in the development of the product.

The concept was developed according to Behavioural Design Thinking. This involves analysing behaviour through psychology and behavioural science and using creative methods to generate a user-centred solution. The selected target group was student teachers, but also company executives. Unfortunately, student teachers do not have the necessary budget and universities and colleges are also severely restricted as a payment group due to limited funds and complex bureaucratic processes. For these reasons, a special principle was developed, as "Sharing is Caring" provides for a social redistribution. In doing so, the high demand as well as the financial means of the companies are used to co-finance the products for the student teachers.

The was structured according to the Double Diamond principle. Design thinking methods are used throughout the training programme. This ensures independent deepening of knowledge as well as own problem analysis and individual ideation. The serves as a playful support, as it creates an interactive learning experience. On the reflekt.platform, users can build their own community, chat, expand their knowledge and train their skills. Challenges and notifications increase interaction and motivation. The reflekt.journal is an analogue supplement to deepen knowledge and train self-reflection and awareness.

In addition, market and marketing strategies were developed for the acquisition of the project portfolio. Both social media and SEA/SEO measures are taken into account.

The reflekt. project was presented at the PUSH UX 2022 exhibition in Munich.



Semester : 3
Subject : Master Thesis - Unconscious Bias
Team : Mona Freudenberger & Maneewan Chokprathum
Skills : Research, Concept, Strategy, Management, Testing